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Case Studies

We would like to share with you some examples as to how The Complete Approach have contributed to providing a solution towards the challenges that companies are up against.

Below are a number of case studies that demonstrate the problems our clients were facing, together with the suggested solutions that TCA provided in order to assist with overcoming these challenges.

Case Study 1.

The Problem:

As a leading Financial Services company, with a growing customer base, our client wanted to better address the needs of their customers with the right products. They wanted to ‘fine tune’ their offerings so that they could concentrate on their growing customer base, provide the best customer service experience possible and also still provide top quality products at the right cost.

The company unfortunately was at a shortfall in experienced staff to manage this programme and so called upon The Complete Approach to assist them with the project. Our experienced Project Managers and Process Consultants were able to suggest changes to the management way of thinking, encouraging an aligned IT system (part of the ‘Go To Digital’ desire of the bank) which enabled costs to be reduced and limiting negative impact on customers.

The solution:

It’s all about Identification, Waste Removal and Staff Engagement.

  • We identified and managed changes to the way they did business to achieve in year savings of £550,000

  • We identified and managed process changes to move some of the right work offshore saving £950,000 in a year

  • We introduced an award programme to gather ideas and defined a reward for best ‘self-solve’ suggestions. We used the ideas which the staff came up with to make 131 changes which removed waste steps and duplicated effort in the business as part of the saving of money

  • We developed a way to measure the success of the business against competitors doing similar work to make the management think about getting everyone involved in making the drive to be more efficient and stop waste.

  • Case Study 2

    The problem:

    As a leading TV and radio infrastructure company they had started to employ new way of thinking to allow them to improve the alignment of customer proposition with customer value. They wanted to reduce wasteful activity within the customer services operations and provide their staff with training to improve relationships with their customers and their prospects.

    The company called upon The Complete Approach to provide the required coaching and training, together with a way to analysis a streamlined customer lifecycle and customer service processes as part of new CRM system implementation.

    The solution:

    It’s all about Strategy and Implementing Training

  • We determined a strategy by utilising useful data whenever they interacted with the customer (e.g. when the sold something, when they delivered anything and when they spoke to them afterward when anything went wrong). This then provided a basis for new CRM system to enable customer experience to be developed and improved.

  • We ran workshops to train staff after we helped them to find areas for improvement and identifying wasteful activity within the customer service process. After we were done with this, the wasted activity in the customer services activities was reduced from 98% to 36%.

  • We ran workshops to train staff after we helped them to find areas for improvement and identifying wasteful activity within the customer service process. After we were done with this, the wasted activity in the customer services activities was reduced from 98% to 36%.

  • Case Study 3.

    The problem:

    As one of the largest mobile telecoms providers, our client was undergoing significant changes due to a merger activity.

    The company called upon The Complete Approach to manage multiple work streams as part of a £700m outsourcing programme. Our Project Managers and Process consultants were keen to get to the task of reviewing the management, finances and legal aspects that would be impacted by introducing outsourcers who were part of the newly created organisation after the merger. One of the main concerns was down to the implementation of new IT systems and business practices for staff both within the high-street stores and at the various headquarters. TCA played a huge contribution into redesigning the new way to work after the merger and recognising the training required for the new ordering and financial responsibilities that would place upon all of the management staff.

    It’s all about Communication, Planning and Staff Engagement

    The solution:

  • We introduced a new strategy (based on Lean / DMAIC Six Sigma principles) to re-engineer all business processes affected by new supplier and IT system including HR, finance, audit, security and governance. Customer reported 100% satisfaction with process reviews

  • We ensured IT architecture of new system conformed to required standards

  • We managed the project to bring in the new outsourcer and test it worked for the client company

  • We successfully managed all process change, training and communications for the programme to time and under budget

  • We enabled roll-out to the end-user community of 20,000 users including internal and third-party suppliers by providing strong stakeholder engagement.

  • Case Study 4.

    The problem:

    As a successful software house leading their field in emergency control room software, the company wanted to ensure that they delivered in a timely fashion applications from their customers in a cost effective manner.

    The company called upon The Complete Approach to lead three work streams which dealt with critical software products (CRM/Call Handling and Routing) for Emergency Call Centres. Our team introduced and assisted with the implementation of new processes to ensure that the applications where dealt within a satisfactory time scale to meet the customer’s requirements in a cost-effective manner. This meant managing the different needs of the various stakeholders such as Product Managers, development teams and senior stakeholders and customers to deliver solutions to time and budget.

    The solution:

    It’s all about Time Management, Process and Customer Satisfaction

  • We engaged and outsourced delivery to an offshore partner, changing and putting in place a new way of working

  • We reduced an application error list from 623 to 83 outstanding faults in one application within 9 months

  • We managed Project Managers and Test Managers, successfully mentored two of team through to new leadership roles

  • We defined and managed the introduction of a new management approach to developing software by refocusing teams, saving 30% in cost with no degradation of quality and increasing customer satisfaction.

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