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Do You Differentiate Your Community Enough To Attract New Customers At The Best Fees?

Let's discuss how we can help each other

Extra competition on several fronts makes it even harder for you to acquire business clients in the numbers you want, and at the right fee. 

  • It also means much more effort is needed to keep hold of existing clients.

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    Do you recognise these problems?

    Extra competition combines to make it even harder for you to acquire customers for your office space in the numbers you want and at the right fee.

    It also means a significant effort to keep hold of existing customers.

    Gone are the days of clients staying put for 7 years or more.

    You need to act, and act now, so your company becomes immune to this growing competition. 

    The vast majority of business owners wish to grow their businesses and profits or save time doing business but maintain a similar lifestyle. For most, it’s their raison d’etre.

    Not only do you have to compete with other similar sized office parks, there are other major factors also squeezing the market… 

    • Especially following extended periods of home-working due to Covid-19, 

    • many have resigned and set up on their own with tiny overheads allowing them to offer services at rock bottom prices.

    • If that wasn’t enough

    • your prices are rocketing with inflation, trouble hiring staff and wage inflation

    • You’ve got the bigger business parks with deep pockets

    • offering something similar but you know they are just not as good at the service as you are

    • And potentially even more damaging… 

    • you know you haven't managed to showcase your difference nealy as well as you could. 

  • The Solution to these Problems is to offer a 'Done-For-You' Business Growth Club

    Watch this video and learn how this works
  • Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON!

  • What is a 'Done-for-You' Business Growth Club?

    Your clients get access to the very best tools to ensure recurring leads and recurring profits which the largest businesses use

  • A THREE-MONTH supported Business Growth Programme

  • TWO mastermind-style Workshops, run a fortnight apart

  • ONE “Ask Me Anything” live Webinar, one month after the 2nd Workshop

  • LIVE Support during the period via dedicated Facebook group for the delegates of each programme

  • My one and only goal will be to work with you and create a system that can take your client's business to the next level with insane profits.

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    A Business Growth Club is an ideal environment to open conversations about additional services from you

    • By offering practical help to grow their businesses and profits your firm becomes much more attractive to your clients and prospects.

    • You’ll sell more value-added services through this and also when their businesses start growing, they’ll require more of you.

    • You’ll protect active clients from your competition…and be ‘front of mind'.

    • Having the club (and promoting it in your marketing materials) will help you to differentiate and having a broader offer will help you acquire more clients.

    • In addition, your Club is 

    • A tangible long-term asset, which adds value to your business.

    • An extremely efficient platform for generating referrals from your clients for space in your community.

    • A sure way to ensure you get increased goodwill.

    • A great way to create a Mastermind group culture which is key to making your business park the go to place for the key businesses in your area.

    Our Guarantee TO YOUR CLIENTS

    You Don't Risk A Penny With The 12 Month Money-Back GUARANTEE

    We want you to join the Club without risk. So we've put in place a 12 Month Money-Back Guarantee.

    Here's how it works...

    Join the Club and if after implementing what you discover during each workshop, you don't generate at least 10 times your investment, within the next 12 months, you'll get a full no-quibble refund.

    Of course, we expect you to generate significantly more than 10 times your investment, just the referrals you'll get from your fellow members should generate a significant sum, never mind the sales and marketing strategies you implement. 

    Hopefully, this puts your mind at rest, knowing you don't risk a single penny.

    You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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